Supplication to Guru Chen for His Speedy Return

By the Lineage Successor Dr. Yutang Lin

"Depart early, return soon!" you did pledge!
Only the old horse could lead us across the bridge.
Buddha, Bodhicitta and all sentient beings converge,
How could Dharma activities ever be abridged?!

First we appeal to his kind pledge of returning soon. Guru Chen's sign was Horse, and there is a Chinese saying that "Old horse knows the way," meaning that only experienced ones are reliable guides. Hence we make use of it in asking him to come and lead us across the bridge from transmigrations to Enlightenment. Compassion of the Same Entity is where Buddha, Bodhicitta and all sentient beings converge; hence we are appealing to his Great Compassion. Besides, this is the main theme of the article that he fondly considered to be his best, therefore it would have a special appeal to him. Finally we are urging him to come back soon by appealing to his sense of duty to the spreading of Dharma activities. Being a lifelong Dharma instrument, upon hearing this, he would automatically resume the holy activities at the first available opportunity. Although this is only a short prayer, yet each line in it appeals directly to the core of his compassion; how could he stay in the Pureland of Eternal Light for long without coming down to guide us?

The Chinese original was completed on 12/01/87.
The first draft of this English translation was completed on 12/18/87; and then the revision, adopting advices from Dr. Juan Bulnes and Miss Kathleen Gorman, is completed on 12/27/87.
My sincere thanks to them!

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