Devils of Mind

Yutang Lin

All phenomena are of one flavor and originally harmonious.
Wrong recognition born of delusion created devils of mind.
Right views are of clarity, and right deeds plain and solid.
Diminish grasping to open the mind and be free from fear.


According to the right view of Dharma all phenomena are originally harmonious in limitless oneness and share Blank Essence. Dharma practices aim at extinction of grasping so as to achieve open-mindedness that is free from fear. If one behaves in accordance with Dharma teachings, then one's mind will be clear and tranquil and one's activities plain and solid, not in conflict with the normal ways.

Nevertheless, some with deviated views had taken upon themselves the role of a Dharma teacher, and arbitrarily recognized devils in many places and people, so much so that those blindly followed such sayings lived in fear; they either stay home alone or daily enacting rituals to dispel devils. They could not realize that such "devilish hindrance" was born of delusion in their own minds, what a pity!

When one is trapped in entanglements with such "devilish hindrance" one is indeed under the spell of Devil of Mind. Right path of the Dharma could not be like this. If Dharma practices could not help one to become more open and clear in mind, one must have taken wrong steps. May this short article serve to waken those that had entered the deviated paths! They should purify their own intentions through practicing chanting of Buddha's name or mantra and prostration to Buddhas so that they may stay free from devils of mind and regain peace.

Written in Chinese on October 1, 2005
Translated on October 2, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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