Great Harmony Activities

Yutang Lin

Wondrous practice of Chod had long since set epitome.
Great Samadhi of Dharmadhatu was the root profound.
Pondering over my Dharma writings I suddenly realized,
This life has been dedicated to cultivate Great Harmony.


Days ago I proposed the notion of Great Harmony, namely, it means to match Great Perfection through the view of limitless oneness, and also use this view to harmonize all teachings among Stages of the Path so that they all become imbued with the perspective of Dharmadhatu as a whole, and are thus sublimated into Dharmadhatu teachings. On brief reflection I instantly realized that Chod as taught by Patriarch Machig Labdron was a creative work in the light of Great Harmony. Guru C. M. Chen emphasized the view of Dharmadhatu as a whole and taught Great Samadhi of Dharmadhatu, and hence rooted the view in my mind; it is more than appropriate to call this the Root of Great Harmony. Reflecting on my writings, most of them are creative works dedicated to expounding applications and aspects of Great Harmony. Among them the prominent ones are: "Wisdom and Compassion in Limitless-Oneness," "The Sixfold Sublimation in Limitless-Oneness," "Chod in Limitless-Oneness," etc. The main theme of my life's works is given a name only now; it may be called, "Great Harmony Activities."

Written in Chinese on September 16, 2005
Translated on September 17, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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