Self and Beyond

Yutang Lin

To see through worldly affairs view from the point of "Self."
"Self" view confines people and hinders their perspectives.
Knowledge being nets of views could hardly match reality.
To relieve sufferings in the world go beyond views of "Self."


Worldly realm, as people know it, is based on views of "Self" and grasping to "Self." Thus, to comprehend worldly affairs one should observe and discern from the point that each and every one is self-centered. Views of "Self" not only confine people, but also prevent people from recognizing reality.

Psychology is also constructed on the notion of "Self," and hence applications based on psychology could hardly avoid the mistakes of not being in touch with reality. To relieve sufferings in the worldly realm one needs to comprehend Dharma that is beyond the views of "Self." Only then can we expect guidance that will lead to true emancipation.

September 16, 2005 
El Cerrito, California

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