Praise to Six Classes of Dakinis


Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen

Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin



Veneration in the presence of Six Classes of Dakinis!


Supreme Significance Brightness Dakinis,

Incessantly without disappearance,

Inseparable for even a blink

From anyone who attained the original face. (Central Class)


Wisdom Vajra Dakinis,

Without interruption, naturally and thoroughly clear,

Attitude and postures graceful and sublime,

Creating things that are originally ready-made. (Eastern Class)


Liberation Karma Dakinis,

Fearless as burning flames,

Attack by surprise to strip devil's mind,

Act freely at will without bondage or care. (Northern Class)


Supreme Pleasure Lotus Dakinis,

In Sunyata room reveals Wisdom bliss,

Dancing countenance with flying brows,

Spring wind cultivates peaches and plums (in Chinese a way to refer to disciples). (Western Class)


Grandeur Jewel Dakinis,

Rich and splendor without peers,

Radiance bewildering,

Wish-fulfilling Gem in the Mind. (Southern Class)


Amid-worldlings Dakinis,

Without leaving the original station of things,

Lotus emerged from mire,

Revealing grace as desires flow. (Worldly Class)


High and cloudless autumn sky,

Who could realize its significance?

As soon as intimacy allowed,

One attains Adi Buddha realm. (Central Class)


Plain and light, avoiding cosmetics,

Naked without any ornaments,

As eyes just contacted,

Mutual affection arose as seeing mirror images. (Eastern Class)


As it is, without superficial considerations,

Directly cut it off in its entirety,

Killing and resurrecting simultaneously,

There is no escape from the Heaven. (Northern Class)


Why distinguish between ancient and present?

Why distinguish between confused and clear?

Deluded ones as well as awakened ones,

From ancient time always relied on your companionship. (Western Class)


Boundless storage of wind and moon (romantic affairs),

Nobility as well as lowborn, all look up to,

The affairs within one's sleeves (domain of privacy),

Blossom of Mind is always adored by one. (Southern Class)


Jade bone and icy flesh (shiny and smooth skin),

Moon-like countenance accompanied by colorful-cloud garment,

Sunyata Bliss without recess,

Constantly busy for the great activities. (Worldly Class)


A child carrying a gem to go begging,

What dug up by a fox again buried by the fox,

When will one say, "that is enough"?

You should remember your vows! (Central Class)


Used daily without comprehending it,

Returned and then found something to learn from,

Do not walk on the even path,

You should remember your vows! (Eastern Class)


Just as supporting a drunken person,

East or west is leaning sidewise in each case,

Fail to be right at the spot,

You should remember your vows! (Northern Class)


As a dog biting a bone to taste only its own blood,

Sunyata and pleasures do not match,

Fallen amid fogs,

You should remember your vows! (Western Class)


Bought a wooden box and yet returned the jade inside,

Turn a leather-coat inside out to carry firewood,

Being ignorant of equality of all matters,

You should remember your vows! (Southern Class)


Developing the Lotus Treasure,

Extraordinarily generous to make the body-offering,

Grand vows like thunders to ears,

You should remember your vows! (Worldly Class)


Innate awareness, state of self-illumination,

Even inside a bag it reveals itself like the tip of a knife,

Striving to reach the most profound,

You should remember your vows! (Central Class)


Without practice, free from expectation and suspicion,

Ordinary, without any peculiarity,

It is right here,

You should remember your vows! (Eastern Class)


Greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance and suspicion,

Entity and uses are not in disarray,

Lively escape according to original nature,

You should remember your vows! (Northern Class)


Shape, sound, smell, taste and touch,

Five wondrous desires of one entity,

Mind in Sunyata had attained it,

You should remember your vows! (Western Class)


Gem lights like rainbows and sun-lit clouds,

Equanimity as home,

Fulfilled with Dharma joy,

You should remember your vows! (Southern Class)


The Nikuma of nowadays

And the Yeshe Tsogyal of late,

Arrive here, arrive here!

You should remember your vows! (Worldly Class)


The Longevity Dakinis of modern time,

Just as you attended Milarepa as his consorts,

Come into being, come into being!

You should remember your vows! (Worldly Class)


Composed in the retreat hut at Lu Huo, Xi Kang on lunar 25th of May in the year Xin Si (1941). In a dream the protectress A Song Ma expressed her support for this work, and said that she liked the sentence, "spring wind cultivates peaches and plums," the best. In this praise each sentence consisted of nineteen characters, following the style of the praise in honor of the Four-arm Mahakala as composed by Nagarjuna.


Translated into English on August 19, 2005

Lunar July 15th, Universal Salvation Festival

El Cerrito, California

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