Praise to Dang Jin Duo Ji Le Ba

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Veneration in the Presence of Dang Jin Duo Ji Le Ba, the Great Protector who sustains Guru Rinpoche's salvation activities!

Deathless Lotus-born, storage of rightful benefits through any connections,
With endless salvation activities, who could shoulder such great tasks?

Vowed to offer services and renowned everywhere is Honorable Duo Ji Le Ba,
Imbued with compassion to marrows, He follows sentient beings as their shadows.

The seed-word in His heart is the dark red Zhi, using eradication to induce devils to Dharma,
Its brightness pervades everywhere, reaching devils' backs like thorny prickles.

Opening full and round His wrathful eyes, staring intently like a tiger's gaze at its prey,
Applying surprise attacks to take over devils' minds, and thus render them to abide in the Great Rest.

With a hammer made of meteorite iron in His right hand, He strikes on the Heart Essence stem
To guard and protect Original Purity and render steadfast the Great Perfection.

With a wind-blower in His left hand, He fans up the flames of Wisdom,
Thereby all Three Realms of Existence are burned down, and yet no grassland caught fire.

Riding on a goat with supernatural ability in transportation, moving as fast as lightning,
Carrying on salvation activities as ordered with great powers and great endeavors.

The Three Realms are shaken, and the big Earth is tamed under such awesome power,
With three hundred and sixty brothers in retinue, He is full of awe-inspiring virtues.

His twelve Mother Protectresses would break the body and life of Sila-infringers,
With vehemence as well as compassion, just as an angry mother disciplines her child.

In this Kali age the Five Kinds of Pollution are in abundance, and Buddha's sons are like gold among sand,
Just as protecting one's own eyes, You and retinue serve Dharma Master as servants and maids!

Who are those that caused all sorrows in violation of the Great Perfection View?
Tear away devils of Mind, as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those practitioners that possess the right views and are steadfast in observing the Four Silas of Dharma Nature,
Help them to play with supernatural transformations, as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Devil of Death, Devils of Diseases, Devils of Heavenly Realms and Devils of Sorrows,
Since Buddha sprouts have many hindrances so You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those abiding on cliffs or in caves to practice, or those after years of practice still have not gain attainment,
Help them to develop meritorious virtues, as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those providing good and wondrous attendance, or those granting supreme pleasures,
May they be induced to Dharma smoothly as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those opposing Guru Rinpoche's teachings, who slander or become hindrance to Dharma,
Grant rightful benefits to all of them as You should recall the vows that You had made!

To revive Guru Rinpoche's teachings and serve as the refuge for all beings in the Three Realms of Existence,
Such grand intention of mine matches Yours so You should recall the vows that You had made!

Supreme teachings, supreme Yana of fruitful stage, supreme Dharma and supreme guidance,
Grand events and grand holy karmas, so You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those who have heard your solemn vows or those who recites this praise to you,
May Wisdom, Compassion and Power be theirs, as You should recall the vows that You had made!


From Winter Solstice of Ji Mao year (1939) to the Spring of next year I retreated in the snowy mountain Gong Ga. During the assembly to make offerings to Protectors I asked to see who would guard and sustain my work, "Ten Explanations to the Vajra Chanting Practice of Guru Nuo Na." Then in a dream I saw at the end of this work there was a poem by Ou Yang Sen, and after that poem there was an image of the Protector Dang Jin Duo Ji Le Ba and his wife. Before this I was not aware that he had a Mother Buddha. Later I asked Guru Gong Ga and then learned that he had twelve wives. In the year Xin Si (1941) while I retreated at Lu Huo, again in a dream he told me to compose a praise to him, and that the style of the praise should be in nineteen-character stanzas, similar to the praise to Four-arm Mahakala as composed by Nagarjuna. Hence I composed this praise.

Honorable Dang Jin Duo Ji Le Ba and His wife also revealed Their pictorial biography to me in a dream soon after I composed the Homa ritual honoring Guan Yin in Chinese as instructed in a dream by Guru Chen 12 years after He entered Nirvana. In the dream Honorable Dang Jin Duo Ji Le Ba also pledged to me that He would provide whatever is needed for Dharma activities. Due to having received such graceful honor from Him, I am very happy that I had translated this praise to Him into English as a token of my gratitude.

Translated on August 14, 2005
El Cerrito, California

Note;The Tibetan names of the Dang Jin Duo Ji le Ba is Damchen Dorje Legpa.

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