Praise to Mother Guru Mandarava

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Veneration in the Presence of Guru Mandarava who is none other than the Vajra Yogini!

Supreme supernatural transformations of deathless Guru Rinpoche
Only You, Guru Rinpoche's consort, Mother Buddha, could inspire.
Offered Your body as adornment to illustrate Guru Rinpoche's virtues,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who was at ease in water and fire!

Capable of taming unruly ones and helping Guru Rinpoche's supernatural transformations,
Your merits of saving beings through conversion to Dharma are inconceivable.
Capable of converting the king, officials and common folks of an entire country,
I praise in the presence of the Mother who leads beings to take refuge in Guru Rinpoche!

Accompanied Guru Rinpoche to practice Vajra Love in caves in mountains,
Both of You accomplished the attainment of deathless rainbow body!
To such extraordinary and supreme virtues of the Fruitful Stage
With boundless prostration I praise in the presence of the Guru!

Root of deathless rainbow body,
Wisdom of Supreme Sunyata and Supreme Pleasure,
Just as Your renowned epithet, King of Supreme Pleasure,
I praise in the presence of the Guru whom I pray to meet in person soon!

With full faith that is beyond spatial and temporal boundaries,
I believe that Mother Guru can soon appear as You vowed,
And with compassion beyond spatial and temporal boundaries,
To benefit sentient beings may I meet You in person now!

To adopt wind practice, Sunyata meditation, Vajra Love practice,
Including and exhausting all related Dharma practices,
Any and all practices that would lead to meeting the Guru in person
May I soon be able to gather and accumulate in progress on the path!
May I attain the help of Mother Guru as my consort in Vajra Love!

Written in Chinese on the 10th of lunar June in the year Wu Zi (1948)
Fairyland Hermitage, North India

Translated on August 13, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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