Praise to Mother Guru Yeshe Tsogyal

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin


Veneration in the Presence of Guru Yeshe Tsogyal who is none other than the Vajra Yogini!

Arrived amid surrounding of boundless auspicious signs,
From the Palace of Supreme Pleasure you descended to be born here,
Served as adornment to Dharma King as well as to King of Tibet,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who upheld and transmitted Tantric teachings!

Capable of providing Guru Rinpoche with supreme pleasures,
Capable of compiling secret biography of Guru Rinpoche,
Capable of transmitting the teachings of Guru Rinpoche far and wide,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who is the Dharma Master with Great Wisdom!

Boundless merits are accumulated in one body,
How rare to be capable of taming unruly ones!
With supernatural powers to release all beings from Hells,
I praise in the presence of the Guru with Great Compassion and Great Power!

In a dream abiding in a cemetery ground,
Your Holiness appeared to the left of Guru Rinpoche,
After taming devils in me you transmitted the Wisdom Initiation to me,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who personally revealed the Lotus Palace to me!

Your Holiness orally transmitted instructions on how to maintain No-Leak,
Your Holiness gracefully demonstrated postures of Vajra Love,
Guru Rinpoche also transformed into Yidam body,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who served as Mother Guru's teaching assistant!

When will it be possible, amid Dharmakaya Light,
For Your Holiness to appear as Guru and consort?
I respectfully and solemnly supplicate to Your Holiness,
May Mother Guru's Spring of Grace be continuous and incessant!

Just as Your Holiness transformed into Mother Guru Sukhasiddhi
To be the constant consort of Guru Khyungpo Naljor,
I solemnly prostrate and supplicate for such great fortune,
May Mother Guru overlook set norms and bestow on me special favor,
Very soon appear in person to me!

Written in Chinese on the 10th of lunar June in the year Wu Zi (1948)
Fairyland Hermitage, North India

Translated on August 13, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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