Praise to Guru Nuo Na

Written in Chinese by Guru C. M. Chen
Translated by His Disciple Yutang Lin

Veneration in the Presence of Virtuous Root-Guru Tulku Nuo Na!

I take refuge in the Unsurpassable-Yoga Vajrayana
That embodies the immovable realm of reality.
Extending over past, present and future, and in all directions,
Is my whole-hearted devotion to the well-learned teacher.

Root-Guru Gem with immeasurable virtuous merits
Fully possesses skillful means of salvation of all Buddhas.
Supreme pleasures, supreme brightness, supreme ingenuity,
Things-as-such serves as the supreme principle of Vajra.

Immeasurable world systems of thousand-cube worlds,
Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space Elements in all directions,
All karmas of body, speech or mind of all sentient beings,
In equanimity I would offer all of them to Venerable Guru.

Sins and merits are originally without any self-nature,
Greed, anger and ignorance are originally non-born,
They all arose as results of illusive discriminations,
One repents through abiding in non-repentance.

One practices without practice and attains without attainment.
One converts without conversion and yet receives without omission.
Boundless holy karma, far and wide, of my Root-Guru
May I rejoice in them through abiding in supreme pleasures!

Endless Dharmadhatu with oceans of worlds like sands of kalpas,
So spacious and pure, and offer wondrous adornments of all sorts,
Abiding in non-abiding for immeasurable numbers of kalpas,
May Root-Guru constantly and perpetually turn the Wheel of Dharma!

May the merits of this praising, veneration, and offerings making
Serve to supplicate Guru-Buddha to stay in the world and turn the Wheel of Dharma!
All good roots such as rejoicing in others' merits and repenting over one's misdeeds
May they help sentient beings to reveal their original Buddha nature!

Translated on August 11, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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