Application of Sunyata Visualization

Yutang Lin

During Sadhana practices visualize Sunyata to renounce everything.
Applying such experiences in daily life one instantly becomes free!
Being accustomed to small circles there are many entanglements.
Once returned to being boundless tranquility and joy are natural.


During Sadhana practices one visualizes Sunyata twice. The first time is to renounce one's grasping to everything in the world. The second time is to further renounce even grasping to any realization born of Sunyata attainment. Thus one would arrive at the originally pure and free from any artificial endeavor state of clarity and brightness, and then from within such a state of mind freely apply oneself to salvation activities.

Applying experiences gained through Sunyata visualizations in daily life one would realize that at any instant one could set all concerns and tangles of mind and all sensations of body aside, and thereby abide naturally in a state of clarity that is free from worries, furthermore, one could then respond naturally to daily-life situations from within such a state of purity and tranquility.

Generally speaking, we are accustomed to concentrating our attentions to a small circle of matters of personal grasping and personal feelings and preferences, and furthermore, we grasp to these as being substantial, and consequently there is no escape from the ensuing sufferings. Through practices in Sunyata visualization one could gradually realize that all things are originally evanescent, and that it was only due to our customary practice of grasping them as being substantial that they became inescapable bondages. Based on experiences gained through Sunyata visualizations we could instantly escape the nest of old habits in daily life, and thereby get some rest and have a taste of the tranquil joy of Dharma.

Written in Chinese and translated on July 31, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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