To Reach the Truth

Yutang Lin

Truth is not to be reached through views and conceptualization.
Winding and binding of thoughts create labyrinth dark and deep.
To realize the ultimate enlightenment one has to walk on the path.
Renouncing worldly tangles for Dharma is only the very first step.


In this modern age of information explosion Buddhists could easily become trapped in conceptual views. Thus, not only could they not being able to discern what is right or wrong in accordance with the Dharma, but also it is often the case that, due to shallow views and mistaken recognition, damaging choices are made to hurt themselves and defame others.

If one is sincere in comprehending the Dharma path so as to reach ultimate enlightenment for the benefit of oneself and all others, whole-hearted devotion and full-scale participation in Dharma practices is the only way. Only after one had renounced all worldly considerations and fully dedicated oneself to Dharma practices will one gradually wake up to a clear state of mind that can see the correct path to pursue.

Written in Chinese and translated on July13, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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