Evaluation and Causation

Yutang Lin

Bases and standards of evaluation vary with states of minds.
Causal conditions gather and disperse beyond human plans.
To realize Non-self do not sustain prejudices against others.
Simply accept the flow of changes and mind will be tranquil.


All sorts of worldly views are based on variegated systems and standards of values, and consequently quarrels among them are incessant. If matters are discussed simply with respect to causal conditions, then it will be easier to reduce or avoid confusions. Dharma teaches Non-self, in other words, it is the view that all phenomena are results of the gathering and dispersing of causal conditions. To realize Non-self one should cease criticism and judgment that are based on evaluations, but instead recognize the functioning and evolution of causal conditions so that one may gradually achieve and equanimity.

Written in Chinese and translated on June 29,2005
El Cerrito, California

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