Not Self-determinable

Yutang Lin

Born of ignorant feelings they simply wished to stay together forever,
Left the world behind so that they might remain companions by will.
Alas! Birth in the six realms of transmigration is not self-determinable.
They had just vainly added new karmic cause for further down falling.


Sometimes in suicide notes left by people who left together it is written that, since they could not stay together at will in the world, they were leaving so that they may stay together forever. Or parents and children die together by will so that they don't need to worry for love ones left behind. Nevertheless, ordinary beings go through births and deaths in transmigration as results of their karmas that were accumulated over many lives, and hence after death what the next birth will be like is unpredictable. Thus, as soon as they left the realm of the living, each one of them would have been pulled by the force of individual karma toward a separate destination. How could they stay together forever at will?

May this article remind those who are tired and desperate on the worldly paths that real emancipation is possible only through engaging in Dharma practices and following the way of enlightenment so that they would not ignorantly hurt themselves or those they love!

Written in Chinese on June 13, 2005
Translated on June 14, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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