Full Development

Yutang Lin

Liberation through Dharma is not only escape from all sufferings,
Only in boundlessness can a being speedily attain maturity wholly.
In Right Awakening both body and mind will develop to fullness,
Meritorious qualities and features manifest beyond time and space.


Practicing in accordance with the Dharma to seek ultimate liberation has not only the aspect of trying to escape from all sufferings in transmigration but also the aspect of trying to attain full development of body and mind so that all supernatural merits and wondrous physical features will manifest. Those who had attained full enlightenment will carry out salvation activities beyond spatial and temporal limitations. It is not easy for ordinary people to believe in such attainment and activities. May those that have had the opportunities to experience inspirations and hence obtained deep faith leave worldly matters behind and practice diligently on the Dharma path!

Written in Chinese on June 13, 2005
Translated on June 14, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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