Going to Extremes

Yutang Lin

In worldly affairs cases of going to extremes are often seen.
Why need to fry each other to the point of all are destroyed?
Simply practice tolerance and yield to others for three steps,
Then both sides can pass easily and it remains peace for all.


Whenever requests for prayer or Powa arrive there are often among the list victims of extreme behaviors. Then I couldn't help wondering why did they need to go to such points of no return that resulted in no recourses and deep suffering for all involved. If one could practice tolerance often in daily life, and behave in such a way that all sides will have some leeway left, then there would be no need for sharing such agony. May this short article serve as a precaution to remind readers so that suffering in the world may slightly reduce or harmony among people may prevail a bit more.

Written in Chinese on June 13, 2005
Translated on June 14, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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