Seal of "Turning Wheel for Universal Salvation"

Yutang Lin

Lions roar toward four directions in constant turning of Dharma wheels.
Right teachings of the Eightfold Path reach through all sides and corners.
All sentient beings are universally saved through abundance of inspiration.
Completion of one seal rests in selfless sacrifice born of great Bodhicitta.

Seal of "Turning Wheel for Universal Salvation"


Disciple Upasika Sui He (Following Harmony) offered a wooden seal of cylinder shape; the seal knot above consists of four sitting lions facing four sides, just as the top of King Ashoka's stone pillar. She intended to have Zhuan Lun Sheng Wang (the wheel-turning holy king, Chakravartin in Sanskrit) carved on it to offer to me. I revised it to Zhuan Lun Pu Ji (Turning Wheel for Universal Salvation). She followed my advice and asked Upasaka Seong Yeow to carve it accordingly.

While Seong Yeow was pondering over the draft he saw in a dream the outer shape of the stamp as consisting of eight teeth representing the eight spokes of the Dharma wheel, which in turn signify the Eight-fold Path of right teachings. Later he heard a heavenly voice saying, "Ya Zheng (gracious and proper)," thereby he decided on the style of the characters. A round seal is not easy to use in getting a straight stamp. Therefore, he took a turquoise stone that fitted exactly the round ornamental hole in front of the seal from a string of prayer beads that had turquoise stones inlaid on each and every bead to fill the hole so that it will be easy to use the seal in obtaining a straight stamp. Thus the completion of the making of this seal also rested on his willingness to sacrifice the perfection of a precious string of prayer beads.

This time when I returned to Taiwan Seong Yeow brought me this seal. Hereby I acknowledged my gratitude to him and Sui He for their offering. May all who will have the opportunity to see a stamp of this seal be blessed with the grace of Dharma's wide-propagation and become able to engage in the great career of turning the Dharma wheel for universal salvation!

Written in Chinese on June 8, 2005
Translated on June 9, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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