Seal of "Non-abiding Intentions"

Yutang Lin

"Develop intentions out of non-abiding" being a resurrecting phrase,
Carved into a seal made of Longevity Mountain stone for posterity.
Harmonizing Yin and Yang through their unification in one character,
Matching opportunity for great use born of Sunyata is thus available.

Seal of "Non-abiding Intentions"


Last year when I went back to Taiwan Upasaka Shi Li Chen, who used to carve seals for self-enjoyment at leisure, developed the intention to find a Dharma phrase and carve it into a seal for me. Last month while I was in Taiwan he and his wife came to visit me, offered me a seal made of Longevity Mountain stone that is very smooth in texture, and attached a poem to demonstrate his sincerity.

The phrase carved on the seal is Wu Zhu Sheng Xin (literally word for word, i.e., No Abiding Develop Intention), which is surely a choice indicative of profound and thorough understanding. Further, he used a combination of Yin strokes (strokes that will show blank strokes on paper) and Yang strokes (strokes that will show inked strokes on paper) to combine the two characters Zhu and Sheng at one spot, thus displaying his skillful ingenuity. The spot of this harmonization of Yin and Yang happens to be right in the middle of the character Wu, that could signify Sunyata, and the character Xin, that could signify use, and thus signifying that "the matching opportunity for developing use born of Sunyata lies in harmonization of the two sides of duality into non-dual oneness." On one side of the seal he carved a couplet and carved his signature in the Cao Shu style (a kind of cursive style), which is energetic and alive.

Out of gratitude for his kindness and grace of bestowing a seal carved with Dharma teaching I had composed the poem above to acknowledge my thanks. I also publicize the seal along with this poem so that all may share the enjoyment of seeing this artistic Dharma work. May all share his Bodhi gift!

Written in Chinese on June 8, 2005
Translated on June 9, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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