Over-qualified to Be a Person

Yutang Lin

Full of insistences, over-qualified to be a person;
Lack of freedom, insufficient to become Buddha.
Peace of mind resting on self-set limits of formality
Could not comprehend boundless joy of Dharma.


Grasping without renunciation carved personality. Narrow scope and sphere set, one could hardly turn around. Gradually widen through gradual renunciation, resurrection hopeful. Setting limits under grasping to form, one mistook hindrances as reliance. Boundless joy of Dharma, such a one lacked the opportunity to taste even once. In compassionate mercy one tries to guide and lead, with hope of their sooner emergence from cocoons.

Written in Chinese on May 28, 2005
Taipei, Taiwan
Translated on June 6, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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