Self-grasping Impermanent

Yutang Lin

Since Self is void, self-grasping is also vacuous.
Its teasing play, nonetheless, remains incessant.
Upon careful reflection it takes shape indefinite.
Whenever recognized that's the moment to rest.


Buddha revealed that in reality there is no Self; inferring from this, self-grasping is also vacuous. As one's mind could not renounce grasping, grasping, even though vain, would constantly play a role. Upon careful observation of one's own self-grasping it is obvious that often there are many changes and evolutions. In order to cultivate renunciation of grasping one should realize that grasping is impermanent. (In other words, there is no one definite thing that is the grasping to renounce.) Under certain circumstances through attachment to forms grasping arises. Upon awareness of presence of grasping enlarge one's view and mind to leave it.

Written in Chinese on May 6, 2005
Translated on May 8, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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