Simplify One's Mind

Yutang Lin

Holding complicated views would vainly cause self-perplexing.
How could that affect the cruise and course of worldly affairs?
Simplify one's mind would make life easier to pass for all sides.
Liberation would sprout from one's awakening to this fine point.


Full of opinions at every turn of circumstances, besides self-perplexing, self-torturing and self-righteousness, could that ever put a dent in the evolution and course of worldly events? Realizing this, why not simplify one's mind and pass the days in an easier manner? The germination of liberation lies in one's comprehension of this point and subsequent willingness to reduce or refrain from mental elaborations.

Written in Chinese on April 14, 2005
Translated on April 15, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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