Following Causal Courses

Yutang Lin

Causal conditions are multiple and complicated, never a one-sided issue.
Before this point was comprehended one would simply blame opponents.
If one could empty one's mind to examine all aspects of the whole picture,
One would naturally realize that the evolution was due to mutual reactions.


All phenomena are results of co-emergence of mutually dependent causal conditions that are multiple and complicated. The Dharma teaching on No Self aims at pointing out that among all phenomena there is indeed no one single element that is an independently unchanging element of ultimate dominance. While this truth of No Self is not comprehended one would readily but deludedly recognize some element among the causal conditions as the original cause. If one could maintain an open mind that is clear and free from prejudices in observing the whole situation, then one would see that all sorts of causal conditions are mutually dependent as causal elements and as components of their co-emergence. Hence, there is no way to put any blame on any one particular element or factor.

A Buddhist, having comprehended this view, would not blame any side in matters arising, but understand that the evolution of situations is simply a matter of following causal courses. Thus, one could easily escape from the mentality of haggling with and blaming on others, and instead would constantly apply efforts toward cultivation of causal conditions leading to enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on March 21, 2005
Translated on March 22, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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