Unification of One and All

Yutang Lin

One sentient being is intricately connected to all sentient beings.
Do not add personal preferences to establish limits and blocks.
The great power and application of the Dharmadhatu in totality
Will naturally converge and unify in even fairness without drags.


Upon seeing or hearing sufferings or calamities a Buddhist would pray to Buddhas for help on behalf of the suffering beings. Even though upon such occasions there are specific victims that are prayed for, nevertheless, one should realize that all sentient beings could have run into such circumstances. And hence one should not mix in the prayer any ideas that limit or enhance one's efforts to only certain particular beings. Thus, each individual being is representative of all beings, and the real situation that all beings in the Dharmadhatu are originally in oneness without any boundaries or limits will not be subject to the hindrance of partiality and prejudice. Consequently, Buddhas' blessings through the practitioner's praying would converge and unify the great power of the whole Dharmadhatu to induce miraculous applications. In short, while praying to Buddhas on behalf of others the more one could be selfless the more miraculous the outcomes would be. Do remember this key point; do remember this key point!

Written in Chinese and translated on March 18, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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