Seek along the Path

Yutang Lin

Being free from seeking does not hinder one from seeking enlightenment.
Renouncing grasping one still needs to practice diligently and incessantly.
The Middle Path could not remain stagnant in the mire of one-sided views.
Progress according to causal laws through lively applications of Wisdom!


Some said a Dharma practitioner should not seek anything, and hence they remained stagnant in not daring to make any requests. To be free from seeking means not to harbor expectations; it does not mean that one should not sustain reasonable goals. If one should not strive with reason toward goals, then seeking rebirth in Pureland and seeking enlightenment would all become mistakes; how could that be reasonable! Dharma teaches The Middle Path that does not fall into the duality of being one-sided; hence, one should not grasp to seeking, nor should one grasp to no seeking. All matters in the Dharmadhatu evolve according to causal laws. Having comprehended this point a practitioner should strive to cultivate merits and nurture Wisdom so as to attain awakening sooner.

Written in Chinese on March 4, 2005
Translated on March 5, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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