Comprehensive and Specialized

Yutang Lin

To thoroughly grasp the right view one goes through comprehensive studies.
For Dharma practices to be solid and reliable render them few and simple.
Comprehensive understanding and matured specialization are both not easy.
Diligently practice to the full extent of one's ability so as to attain awakening.


Before one thoroughly grasped the Buddhist philosophy of non-self, non-duality, etc. it could be useful to read comprehensively works by different authors so as to have opportunities to ponder over subtle points and make wise discernments. As to practices for daily sessions it would be beneficial to make them few and simple, so that one might repeat and sink deep within the routine and gradually attain matured realization through concentrated specialization. Neither comprehensive understanding nor matured specialization is an easy achievement to accomplish. A practitioner should work in measure with one's own abilities and practice diligently without slacks so as to achieve attainments.

Written in Chinese on March 4, 2005
Translated on March 5, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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