Enlightenment Soon

Yutang Lin

As days on the path accumulated the goal of attainment could be forgotten.
Trivial matters as huge in size as a fly's head fully preoccupied one's mind.
Well-wishing pointing at Bodhi is adopted in place of those usual greetings.
May mutual reminding and encouragement prompt all to advance upward!


As one progressed on the Dharma path, due to all sorts of matters that besieged one from moment to moment, one could unknowingly have actually placed attainment of enlightenment as a matter of secondary importance that is to be dealt with later on. As matters arose how should one make choices and handle them is also puzzling due to the lack of a clear direction in life. If one could constantly remember to set attainment of enlightenment as the foremost priority, then it would become easy to make distinctions for preference and renunciation, and thereby one could concentrate on advancement on the path. Therefore, I had changed the greetings at the end of my daily correspondences to the well-wishing of "Attain Enlightenment Soon!" May the application of this Bodhi well-wishing serve to remind all of us to set attainment of enlightenment as our top priority, and thereby establish definitely a clear and uplifting direction for the remainder of our lives!

Written in Chinese and translated on February 23, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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