Hemorrhoids Pacified

Yutang Lin

Hemorrhoid ailment is difficult to diminish and often comes out.
Taking and applying volcanic ashes had slightly abated vexation.
Thanks to an old friend's gift of lecithin extracted from egg yolk,
After applying it thrice daily for three days light-and-easy regained.


After last August's hemorrhoid episode the ailment had abated greatly due to much rest and care. Even though it no longer hindered my daily activities, nevertheless it could still fall outside easily and inevitably caused minor discomfort. A disciple sent me volcanic ashes that are rich in many varieties of minerals. After taking and applying the volcanic ashes the hemorrhoids slightly abated; nevertheless, there was no way to keep them inside while I moved around.

About two weeks ago a Dharma friend mailed me lecithin (in capsules) that was extracted from egg yolk and told me that taking and applying it could help reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids. So I began to use them accordingly. I used a pin to pierce the capsule, and then squeezed out its clear and oily substance and applied it on my hemorrhoids. It took only about half a capsule's content to do this, and I took the remaining half with the capsule. Thus I applied it thrice daily and felt much relief soon afterwards. Only after three days of this treatment my hemorrhoids no longer came outside the body, except after bowel movements and then they need to be pushed back inside. Thus my daily activities resumed a sense of being light and easy. Here I recorded this to express in public my deep gratitude to my friend and her friend who taught about this and prepared the capsules. May the publication of this article help many who shared the same ailment to similarly obtain the relief from hemorrhoid annoyance!

Written in Chinese and translated on February 21, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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