Never Irritable

Yutang Lin

Sufferings and pains of sentient beings are of myriad sorts.
Mindful of their own welfare they constantly pray for help.
To thousand calls for help thousand responses are granted;
Compassionate mind remains merciful and is never irritable.


"While thousand places are supplicating all thousand places got responses." This is an often-quoted expression in praise of Guan Yin's miraculous responses to sentient beings' calls for help. In fact, usually for faithful ones their calls to Guan Yin for help would constantly arise as their situations in life demand, even for hundreds or thousands of times incessantly. Therefore, it is also quite appropriate to add the following praise in honor of Guan Yin's untiring compassionate mercy: "Thousand times of calling for help would receive thousand times of response." For those of us Buddhist practitioners, while we are serving sentient beings, in light of such compassionate mercy we would not dare to be even slightly arrogant but simply serve all with a humble and respectful attitude.

Written in Chinese and translated on February 15, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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