Enduring Dedication

Yutang Lin

Comprehension of and faith in Bodhi shed light on the path of this life.
Determination and capability will gradually mold enduring dedication.
In the long run all kinds of trials would sieve to pick out the supreme.
Although accomplished ones are rare, salvation deeds will be endless.


Having comprehended the profound significance of Bodhicitta and developed faith beyond second thoughts as to the consequences of abiding by Bodhi intentions, one would choose to devote one's life to Dharma practices and services. Unshakable determination and capability to undertake Dharma practices and services would gradually mold a practitioner's enduring dedication. Long-lasting and continuous efforts would be most difficult to sustain; hence, months and years would gradually sieve through to choose the pure ones and discard the insincere ones. Those attain enlightenment in this lifetime are even rarer than phoenix's feather or Qilin's horn. Even though it is so extremely rare and difficult to attain, once accomplished the subsequent salvation activities will be boundless and endless. Therefore, we should do our best to continue on the path to enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on January 28, 2005
Translated on January 29, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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