Cultivating Harmony

Yutang Lin

Views carry edges and corners, while intention
And grasping yield stagnancy and hindrance.
Sharp points not exposed intermittently,
Harmony silently prevails in evenness.

As calculations and considerations ceased,
Where thoughts and measures never set foot,
Sentient beings are originally in peaceful harmony,
Through Dharma practice this is gradually sensed.

Propagating Dharma to expound on this point,
Encouraging all to join in enlightening practices.
After the spring wind had caressed everywhere,
Harmonious joy will melt the whole Dharmadhatu.


Let personal views and intentional grasping be withheld temporarily; germs of matters are extinguished to maintain outer harmony. Thoughts and intentions ceased and mind is open and clear; innate peace and harmony will gradually reveal and prevail after long-term Dharma practices. Odes on the path are presented to encourage all to engage in practices, like gentle winds slowly blowing over the earth. When sentient beings are enlightened the whole Dharmadhatu will melt in harmony.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 23, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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