Compassionate Tears

Yutang Lin

The great compassionate tears dripped out of profound mind.
Clear bright moisture benefits through supernatural functioning.
Taras twenty-one in number appeared in response to sufferings.
Endless salvation, thanks to the grace of such merciful mothers.


The eleven-faced Guan Yin comprehended the sufferings of sentient beings and shed tears of compassion. From such clear bright moisture that poured from the union of wisdom and compassion there appeared Green Tara to relieve sentient beings of all sufferings and White Tara to nurture sentient beings' wisdom and merits. Furthermore, in response to various kinds of calamities or needs of sentient beings, there appeared other Taras to carry out different salvation functions. The total number of such Taras is set at twenty-one to represent the varieties of functions. Indeed, the transformations of Taras are boundless in number. To sentient beings in Samsara that are constantly under the siege of all sorts of sufferings the holy ones they most eager to take refuge in are none other than the merciful mother-like Taras.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 14, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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