Yutang Lin

Keenly realized Impermanence one stays free from worries.
Based on such clarity of mind one propagates Dharma wide.
Dharmadhatu in oneness could not be divided and separated.
Sentient beings that one runs into are all not to be discarded.


Impermanence could arrive at any second; worldly thoughts should be all discarded. Mind being free from worries, one propagates the right Dharma with all one's might. Compassionate kindness encompasses the whole Dharmadhatu; in oneness originally there were no divisions. Staying above attitudes of preference or aversion, no one sentient being will be abandoned.

All renounced or none abandoned, it is up to whether things are entangling and delusive grasping or liberating wisdom and compassion. If one could practice as thoroughly as this, enlightenment could be reached like splitting a bamboo rod vertically, one strike will go all the way down to earth.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 13, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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