Yutang Lin

While opportune conditions had not gathered, no way to advice.
As causal conditions have reached their end, naturally dispersed.
Long have I walked on the practice path and gone through a lot.
Gradually realized that karmic causes and fruits transcend this life.


Causal conditions for learning and practicing Dharma, be they shallow or deep, short-lived or long-lasting, vary with individuals. Even though we maintained equal mind in wishing to benefit universally all beings, nevertheless, beings we encountered were of all sorts of opportune conditions, and hence we could only do our best in giving guidance that the situations allowed. As I had seen many cases of difficulty to gather complete conditions for Dharma advancement, I realized that each individual's karmic situation could not have been determined by just the present life, but is rather the presentation of accumulation of karma over many past lives.

Written in Chinese on January 8, 2005
Translated on January 12, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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