Adding Remarks

Yutang Lin

All propose self-assertive opinions, whose would be superior?
Each with personal considerations to compete for supremacy.
Indicating a different way to freedom, sometimes add remarks.
Consequences of matters in the world eventually will be known.


All sorts of worldly views would be difficult to distinguish their superiority or inferiority. Nevertheless, in general, they all try to argue for their own favor. At junctures of gains and losses, be it for personal gains or public interests each has individual considerations and calculations, and hence competition continues incessantly, even to the extent of shameless distortion of truths.

A Dharma practitioner does not set mind on worldly gains or losses, and hence is free from worldly competitions. Only with the intention to indicate paths to liberation that could restore people's liveliness would a practitioner offer comments on occasions. As a matter of fact, consequences of all speeches and behaviors would be know in the long run; there is no hurry in making a fuss at the moment.

Written in Chinese and translated on January 2, 2005
El Cerrito, California

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