Dharma in Counting

Yutang Lin

Mind hinges on Dharma without any crevice.
Dharma items well applied in daily counting.
Worldly connotations are thus kept far away.
Nurture of wisdom and compassion goes on.


In daily life when picking up certain number of things I am used to using same number of mantra words or Dharma items instead of numerals in counting. For example, for two objects I count as "wisdom, compassion," for three "Weng, A, Hong," for four "Mercy, Compassion, Joy, Renunciation," for five "Weng, A, Hong, Suo, Ha," for six "Weng, Ma, Ni, Bei, Mi, Hong," etc. Numerals in themselves are of course pure; however, due to worldly applications of them they are often polluted with various associated thoughts. Using Dharma items instead could avoid the arising of such connotations, and also render the mind to stay on Dharma without breaks.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 30, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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