Free from Jealousy Yutang Lin

Used to saying to benefit all but privately wished for monopoly.
As soon as slightly felt inferior immediately became displeased.
Paying attention to one side and ignoring the rest, hardly balanced.
Sickness on the path should be cured in accordance with Dharma.

Each has individual karmic causes and conditions, 'tis hard to see.
Comparing and haggling are followed by jealousy and complaints.
To realize liberation from transmigration, don't grasp to rigid views.
Recognize delusions as such, and not to pursue their fabrications.

Sentient beings in Dharmadhatu are of limitless numbers and kinds.
Why does one forget the ocean but count only a few drips instead?
With mind so narrow one could hardly realize it's just self-torture.
Aspiring to follow Buddha's path one should approach Bodhi mind.

In Oneness of Dharmadhatu where could one find envy or aversion?
As grasping to one's self arose one recognized others as contenders.
Innocent others would all become competitors through imagination.
See through virtual scenarios to resume one's tranquility and harmony.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 26 2004
El Cerrito, California

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