Free from Dependence

Yutang Lin

Wishing security people recognize something as dependable and rely on it.
As worldly events flow and turn such expectation often fails to materialize.
Not to depend on being able to control given environments and situations,
But to respond accordingly to storms, tornados, swells and even tsunamis.
Stirring up matters based on biased preferences maybe profitable for now,
How would days and nights of old age and disability be passed peacefully?
Looking forward to peace on Earth and purification of this polluted world,
We take refuge in the Triple Gems so as to practice freedom from grasping.


Usually as people desire security they would recognize certain path as reliable and become dependent on it. In fact, life is full of twists and turns, and there is nothing in the world that one could truly depend on for very long time. Since worldly matters are evanescent, to achieve security does not lie in maintaining continuous control of situations but lies in attaining mind and view that are completely free from dependence and thus being able to respond appropriately to evolving situations.

Some people would take advantage of given situations by stirring up biased preferences so as to gain worldly fame and profits through shortcuts. Nevertheless, such dependence could not serve any significant purposes in the long run; later in old age and disability such persons could not expect harmony and peace of body and mind. To achieve peace in the world and long-lasting security and happiness one should follow Dharma in practicing non-grasping so as to attain a mind free from dependence.

As "free from dependence" was advocated, why do we still need to rely on Dharma? It is only because through engaging in Dharma practices we could eventually attain the state of being utterly free from dependence.

Written in Chinese and translated on December 22, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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