Dr. Yutang Lin

Always insisting because one could not forget one's Self.
Confined within prejudices affliction and misery are deep.
Causal conditions not met, simply wait for their maturity.
It seems intentional, and yet in reality is without purposes.


With self-centered grasping deep and heavy, prejudices are knitted into nets of fixed views. Insisting relentlessly, one is trapped in misery profound.

Causal conditions being insufficient, one calmly goes along with opportune chances. Mind is free from preferences, and yet in appearance one seems stubborn.

Having attachment is not worth recommending; being free from intentions one stops as situation requires. Only when one could be free from chasing after appearances, can one recognize the difference that is as far apart as cloud and mud.

Written in Chinese on December 3, 2004
Translated on December 8, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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