Transcending Suspicion

Dr. Yutang Lin

Original Purity extends beyond the sphere of worldly minds.
Suspicions are none other than grasping to partial reasoning.
Layers of self-knitted nets are difficult to realize as just thus.
Cool wind and bright moon abide in the open and clear sky.


Dharma points out the real situation of Original Purity that is completely beyond the scope of worldly imagination. Suspicious considerations in the minds of novices toward Dharma or virtuous teachers are, in the final analysis, just self-knitted nets of concepts that arose from unpurified habitual worldly thinking. If one could not recognize this crucial point and thereby break through the suspicions, then it would not be possible for one to renounce the worldly ways, not to mention to make progress on the Dharma path. May all Dharma practitioners be able to see this point clearly and hence become able to discard their self-knitted and self-binding nets soon!

Written in Chinese on November 19, 2004
Translated on December 8, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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