Dr. Yutang Lin

Oneness of Dharmadhatu is connected through causal conditions.
Great Compassion of same entity would never exclude any being.
Salvation through Dharma still awaits proper conditions to gather.
Attempting in thousand ways to seek the route that would connect.


Even though Dharmadhatu born of mutually dependent origination is an indivisible totality; nevertheless, causal connections within this totality exhibit extreme variations. In the light of oneness of Dharmadhatu, there is no exclusion of any being or any thing. Matters would arise only when all causal conditions are properly gathered; and hence salvation through Dharma would succeed only when all proper conditions are met.

Although I have maintained the intention to offer Powa service freely to help all beings that would need and benefit from it, not all of them have the opportunity to have the connection to be enlisted into my Powa recipients list. Consequently, many beings in the ghost realm or other spiritual realm, due to their urgent need to obtain salvation through Powa, would often try to cause hindrances or minor discomforts to Buddhists who know me so that they would ask me to help solve those problems through prayers. When I received such requests I would include all their karmic creditors in the spiritual realms into the Powa list, and their hindrances or discomforts would just vanish right away. Thus we know that it is also an important Dharma practice to request prayers or Powa on behalf of others to virtuous practitioners.

Written in Chinese on November 19, 2004
Translated on December 7, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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