Still Same Old Self

Dr. Yutang Lin

Dharma practices are for escaping from the cage of grasping to self.
Facing difficult junctures one needs to choose in the light of Dharma.
Still remaining as the same old self would amount to a downfall deep.
Observing the teachings to renounce selfish preference is right to do.


Dharma teaches that there is in reality no self. Hence, the main point to apply a practitioner's efforts is to break through layers over layers of the net of grasping to a self. Facing the choice between observing the Buddhist teachings and following personal considerations a sincere practitioner should endeavor to enter the difficult route of preferring Dharma over worldly matters and keeping in mind the enlightenment of all sentient beings over selfish considerations. If one chose to remain the same old self, then one would not only remain trapped in Samsara but also fall downward deep on the path to enlightenment.

Written in Chinese on November 18, 2004
Translated on December 4, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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