Not in Mind

Dr. Yutang Lin

After many years walking on the Dharma path, what is the aim?
Upon careful and detailed reflection realized that goal forgotten.
To save all sentient beings remains only a matter of verbal play.
Calculations and activities are all just for one's own self-interests.


Under the name of pursuing Buddhahood there are many kinds of plays. Once seen through, one would know that those are just for self-interests. What is on the mouth is one kind, while what is in the mind and actions is another kind. Long have they soaked themselves in Buddhist ways and yet their minds are not set on reaching enlightenment. In order to escape transmigration, one should never forget the goal of reaching Buddhahood. To accomplish the Buddhist quest, do not forget for a second all sentient beings. The great Bodhi mind is what a practitioner relies on.

Written in Chinese on November 18, 2004
Translated on December 2, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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