Seeing through Clouds

Yutang Lin

No where to begin questioning, no need to pursue,
Illusive worldly affairs are just like clouds in the sky.
Occasionally view colorful sunlit space in the sunset
And see the boundless sunny sphere beyond clouds.


While flying in the sky one sees the boundless sunny sky above the clouds, even though the area below the clouds maybe is still in rainy storm. Within all sorts of confinements in the world often clouds of sorrow and fogs of depression permeate. If one could see through their illusive and transient nature, that is incomprehensible and unworthy of persistent pursue, and hence not to follow them in winding sorrows, then one would have the leisure to appreciate the side of worldly affairs that reflect the shinning facet of human virtues, and abide in the transcendental state of an open, bright and pure inner space.

Written in Chinese on November 7, 2004
Translated on November 27, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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