Hindrance Connections

Yutang Lin

Tantric teachings and practices are profound beyond worldly ways.
Sentient beings with petty merits would encounter much hindrance.
Insubstantial rumors would now and then spread among multitude
To sieve and select elites who deserve to enjoy the superb blessing.


The theories and practices of Buddhist Tantras are very profound. Practitioners with shallow comprehension, petty merits, insubstantial faith and superficial practices would often encounter much hindrance preventing them from going deep into Tantric practices. Furthermore, due to spreading of insubstantial rumors and abundance of mistaken criticisms born of a lack of wise understanding of Tantric teachings, the multitude felt distant from the Tantric path.

As I recall, in summer of this year while I was in Melaka, Malaysia Upasaka Tan, who had followed Guru Chen's lineage for over two decades, commented, "For this group of us followers, we would not leave even if we were beaten to death." Such was the spontaneous expression of someone who had received and appreciated the many profound blessings from the lineage over the years. Thus, we know that, from the point of view of those that had come to know the real worth of Tantric blessings, all sorts of hindrances are merely a natural process of sieving in the Dharmadhatu to ensure that only the elites that are genuinely devoted would have the very rare opportunity to receive Tantric blessings.

Written in Chinese on November 2, 2004
Translated on November 9, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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