Karmic Hindrance Dominant

Dr. Yutang Lin

Inspirations and Buddhas' grace all forgotten,
Only worldly thinking prevails in their minds.
Yielding to the dominance of karmic hindrances,
Regress on the path of practice is not occasional.


Sometimes some Buddhists that had experienced inspirational blessings many times and were originally very obedient to the teachings would suddenly regress. All of a sudden they no longer pay attention to Buddhas' grace and seem oblivious to inspirational experiences, instead they become mindful only of worldly considerations. This kind of situation is called "dominance of karmic hindrances." They become totally incapable of any resistance to the sudden change, as if they were possessed by some evil spirit. This seems to be an occasional phenomenon. Nevertheless, upon careful examination it is clear that the reasons being, the great Bodhicitta had never genuinely rooted in them, and their self-centered considerations had not yet been cleaned out through their Dharma practices. Consequently, as matters arose the selfish side took the opportunity to regain control and choke off the Dharma sprout, what a pity! Floating in life without refuge and yet not realizing its dangerousness, rather pitiful!

Written in Chinese on November 2, 2004
Translated on November 8, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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