Safely Passing through

Dr. Yutang Lin

Causal conditions shaping one's situations are intertwined with countless matters.
For an ant to attempt to shake a thousand-year old tree, what futile efforts!
Not to follow shallow and partial views that would entangle one in worries;
Let things come and pass without self-stirring but engage in Dharma activities.


The layers of nets of causal connections that shaped and gathered around each individual's situations in life expand all over the Dharmadhatu and last through past, present and future. Under such surroundings that are even more expansive than nets that cover from heaven above to earth below, how could anyone make changes in situations in life merely through individual efforts? Once the existence of such invisible and yet incredibly complicated limitations were comprehended, one would see the absurdity of ordinary partial and narrow views and no longer follow them to become engulfed in self-stirred sorrows. As matters arise accept all in even-mindedness. Only through efforts dedicated to the reduction of karmic hindrances and the cultivation of merits and wisdom for the whole Dharmadhatu could sentient beings' circumstances be genuinely improved. And hence one would dedicate one's life solely to the practice and propagation of Dharma.

Written in Chinese and translated on November 1, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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