Dragon Gate

Dr. Yutang Lin

Detailed guidance is given repeatedly in daily life as precautions.
How one would react as matters arise hinges on one's potential.
Fish jumped over Dragon Gate would soar up above the clouds.
While those lack of strength fell back into river and floated away.


Teachings given in words in daily life when no special matters arose was born of deep compassion. As to how one would react to incidents, what choices one would make, whether one would be able to apply Dharma principles to a given situation, to uphold the significance of Dharma, and to maintain faith in Buddha and Guru, such matters are all up to each individual's potential and vary accordingly to great extents. Since this is a matter that could not be compelled, it is called "a matter of individual make-up."

Variegated phenomena in the Dharmadhatu flow and evolve incessantly. Upon each juncture of a trial nature those who could jump over would gain propensity toward liberation, while those who regress or digress would float away and submerge back into Samsara. This being the causal law of sentient beings' ascending or descending, even Buddhas could only help sentient beings through continuously giving teachings and blessings so as to achieve their eventual salvation.

Translation note: according to a Chinese legend, at a place called "Dragon Gate (Long Men)" if a fish could swim upstream and jump over there, then the fish would transform into a dragon and fly away free.

Written in Chinese on October 23, 2004
Translated on October 24, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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