Sharing Common Karma

Yutang Lin

Sharing common Karma is each one's natural liability.
Fully imbued with Bodhi, more than willing to oblige.
Years of Dharma services render stress accumulated.
Occasional ailments help diminish past Karmic debts.


During my recent hemorrhoids illness a disciple sent consolations by saying that it was to suffer in place of sentient beings so as to reduce their sinful Karma. Even though the illness was led by accumulated stress from years of Dharma services, I could only blame my own ignorance in not realizing the importance of proper rest and maintenance of the body that led to sustained overexertion. Through this ordeal, on the one hand, my past Karmic debts had been reduced in inconceivable ways, and on the other hand, I had learned to give my body and mind proper rest from time to time, and consequently I have become more energetic and full of spirit. Thus I realized that the hardship experienced was indeed Buddha's blessing in the guise of adverse conditions. As to sharing common Karma it is, of course, each and every one's inescapable liability. Since I had already devoted my life to Bodhi activities, I am certainly more than willing to help bear common Karma, and there is no need to mention it at all.

Written in Chinese on September 4, 2004
Translated on September 11, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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