More Practice, More Rigid

Yutang Lin

Cognitive views and interpretations could not be forgotten;
From frames and cages of thoughts there would be no exit.
More practice yet led to more rigid mind full of prejudices;
Incomprehensible of essentials, only fell victim to grasping.


A practitioner should comprehend the essentials of Dharma without becoming limited by itemized systematic thinking. Otherwise, one would be completely confined within the sphere of conscious thinking and become a stereotype as tied up by layers over layers of grasping to formality of Dharma. Thus one would deviate from the great path of liberation that is natural and lively, not to mention to become in tune with returning to the original purity. How to cease the mentality of a scattered thinking mind should be given priority on a practitioner's agenda.

Written in Chinese on September 2, 2004
Translated on September 3, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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