Scout Ants

Yutang Lin

At times scout ants one or two roamed over kitchen counters;
To find food for the multitude, they often sacrificed their lives.
Leftovers that had attracted many ants once moved outdoors
Would induce them to leave on their own without our genocide.


At times there were one or two ants roaming over kitchen counters in search of food. We were afraid that many ants would gradually gather, and hence we would immediately move them outside or destroy them. Fortunately, my wife had discovered that the ants indeed just came for food, and hence, even when they had already gathered around some leftover we only needed to move the leftover outdoors, and then soon afterwards the ants would disperse on their own. We did not have to do anything else for them to leave. Although this was just a minor discovery, and yet when it was learned and adopted, we were spared from killing many ants. Therefore, I put it down in writing with the hope that this would help reduce killing a bit and help promote harmony a little.

Written in Chinese on September 2, 2004
Translated on September 3, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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