Yutang Lin

Dharma is much more profound than the depths of oceans and seas;
Websites introduce and lead people to Buddhist teachings like ports.
Each one follows particular conditions to transport minds to and fro;
Concurrently help extend practice voyages to far-reaching expeditions.


Since Stanley Lam established the website hosting Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen's Homepage to help propagate his teachings suddenly seven years have passed. Recently my disciples Pao-Yuan Chen and Yuan Qi Zhuang had respectively expressed to me the wish to establish a website to host my works on the Dharma in ways that seem appropriate to them individually. It seems to me that such websites would serve as ports to bring and guide the public into the ocean of Dharma so that interested persons may extend their practice voyages to far-reaching expeditions. Each such websites may vary in their appearances and approaches, but they all share the common goal of propagation of Dharma to benefit all beings and hence are in unsurpassed concurrence. Therefore, I have given each one my blessings and guidance, and prayed that each one will prosper incessantly to spread the teachings all over the world, so that we may repay the grace of Buddha in a small way.

Written in Chinese on August 10, 2004
Translated on August 11, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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